BT v4.0.22 & 23

Release notes:

These two releases add improved features and turbo-charge the Asset Batch Uploading process.

Status: Released
Release date: 21 April 2023

New Features

User Story 967 - Editing Improvements - Media

The following improvements were designed to speed up batch asset uploading of large asset libraries. It primarily does this by remembering previous “batch upload” entries and previous values from similar asset versions and variants. 

Includes sub tasks:

Task 970 — Asset upload: Remember settings
We added a “Remember settings” feature to the Asset batch uploader so it remembers and records all the property values that were entered before clicking the “Upload” button. The new toggle is located in the “Settings” tab of the uploader.

The recorded settings (values) then automatically pre-populate the properties the next time more assets are uploaded. These remembered settings are specific to each individual Editor/Administrator.

The values can then be cleared by un-toggling the “Remember settings” property.

For further info on the new “Remember settings” feature, view the “Settings tab” section of the Batch uploading multiple files page of our User Guide:

Task 968 — Add ‘Colour’ property to Asset Batch Upload
We added the “Colour” property directly below the existing “Orientation” property on the batch asset uploader. Note that the colour property already existed on the Asset Version media type and when editing, however, it’s now also available in the batch uploading process.

Task 969 — Add properties to Asset Batch Edit
We added the “Choose Orientation” and “Choose Colour” properties below the existing “Choose File format” property in the Asset Batch Editor. Note that these properties already existed on the Asset Version media type, however, it’s now also available in the batch editing process.

Bug 974 — Remember settings - “Keywords” stuck
This item was a post-v4.0.22 fix to the new “Remember settings” feature.

When using the new remember settings feature, the “Keywords” property pre-populated with previous entries (as designed), however, it would not allow new keywords to be added. Now fixed! 

Task 972 — Disable download in on-page videos

We disabled the ability to download videos on both the “home page” video and “on-page” video macros. This prevents users from downloading the video when it isn’t available for general use.