BT v4.0.20

Release notes:

This release features the new Google Analytics 4 integration, as well as Asset library “batch publishing” updates, the addition of preview images within email templates and individual Member Group approvals.

Status: Released
Release date: 6 February 2023

New Features

Google Analytics 4

Task 885 – Set up Google Analytics 4
Integrate and configure the new Google Analytics 4 property across all customers, as Universal Analytics will no longer process new data in standard properties beginning 1 July 2023.

Includes sub-tasks:

To learn more and to access the Google Analytics 4 data, view the Reporting section of our User Guide.


Photo/Asset request approvals for individual member groups

Task 924 – Asset/Photo request forms for individual member groups
Create ability to send Photo and Asset request forms to owners of individual member groups. Previously, all requests were sent to a single chosen admin or admin group, however, these were broad-based settings for all member groups.

Administrators are now able to channel specific requests to specific member groups.

The following User Guide pages demonstrate the new settings:

Asset library editing changes

User Story 754 – Batch “Publish/Unpublish” in the Asset library backoffice
Batch “Publishing/Unpublishing” was previously only available within the “Asset version” node.

The feature is now also available from the “Asset Folder” node, making it quicker and easier to reach more assets in the batching process.

Email template changes

User Story 915 – Image and Asset request form changes
Edit the image and asset request forms (and the accompanying automated email template messages) to reference that the duration period specified is also the time period that the requester is able to download the resolution sizes requested. After this time period, access to the additional image sizes or to download the asset will be retracted.

Includes sub-tasks:

Photo library image filetypes

Task 902 – Photo library image filetypes
The Photo library previously displayed the following images via the “.Core/Services/ImageService.cs” file:

jpg/jpeg, png, tif/tiff, svg, bmp

The settings are now found in the “umbracoSettings.config” file and more easily editable.

We have also extended the formats to include:

jpg/jpeg, png, tif/tiff, svg, bmp, gif, webp, emf^, wmf

^ some frontend display issues

Issues & Tasks

Bug 930 – Unpublished or Deleted Categories that contain images crash image module
When Photo Categories, that are assigned to an image, are either Unpublished or Deleted (e.g. in Recycle Bin), the Photo library frontend displays an error screen. – [fixed]

Bug 933 – Photo & Asset category URL YSOD errors
If a category selection is made from the top Photo/Asset library menu, the URL displays the category number, e.g. ~/photo-library/?category=34745

If a user bookmarks this page, then the category is deleted, attempting to revisit the page via the bookmark returns an error page. – [fixed]

Task 905 – Backoffice welcome dashboard version edit
Update version task list with latest changes. – [complete]