BT v4.0.7

Release notes:

This is a scheduled release featuring the ability for the Photo library uploader to generate thumbnails for TIF/TIFF and SVG images, as well as PNG, BMP and JPG/JPEG images.

Status: Released
Release date: 18 December 2020

New Features

TASK 587 - Generate thumbnails for TIFF and SVG images

Improve the Photo library upload mechanism so that it generates thumbnails for TIF/TIFF and SVG images, as well as PNG, BMP and JPG/JPEG images.

This task specifically allows ImageMagick to generate thumbnails for TIF/TIFF and SVG images.

TASK 592 - Need to generate TIF/TIFF preview images in backoffice

Previews are successfully being generated and shown on the frontend Photo library for TIF/TIFF, BMP, SVG & BMP images. However, this task added preview images in the backoffice for TIF & TIFF images.

TASK 578 - F.A.L.M. Housekeeping

Install F.A.L.M. Housekeeping on BTv4. It is used to clean up stray media, logs and to delete ‘Users’ when duplicating a site for a new client.

It is especially useful for deleting Users, as it also deletes user editing records, audit history of these users and then assigns any logs from the deleted user to the ‘admin’ user. Far safer to use this than to delete user records off the database and breaking the audit trail.

TASK 593 - Umbraco 7.15.6 update + Brand Toolbox Branch

Update to the latest stable version of Umbraco v7.

Issues & Tasks

BUG 596 - Better logout experience on ADFS (SSO)

BUG 583 - Fix ‘imageDetails’ width

BUG 586 - Custom size outputting PNG image incorrectly

BUG 594 - Custom size outputting JPEG image from TIF

BUG 579 - Home ‘Simple Link Tile’ page deletion

BUG 589 - Add <p> tag to Home Example ‘DateCreated’ field

BUG 590 - Top Level 1 nav item to be hidden with no permissions

BUG 381 - Boolean search queries not returning correct results

BUG 507 - Boolean search query - Photos returning no results