BT v4.0.13

Release notes:

This is a scheduled release featuring the new Asset download request mechanism. Assets can now be configured to “view only” and only “downloadable” via a request and approval process.

Status: Released
Release date: 13 February 2022

New Features

TASK 703 - Request download permissions for Asset library

We created a new “Member Group VIEW ONLY permissions” property to allow members to see an asset in the Asset library but now be able to download it. To download, they would need to fill in an Asset Download Request form and the application to go through an approval process.

User guide page: Asset restrictions and access > Member Group Permissions “VIEW ONLY” access

TASK 708 - Send notification 30 days before expiring asset

Extended the mechanism that currently sends a notification when an image or asset has been unpublished, archived or updated.

Members who have previously downloaded an image (or asset) will receive a notification email “30” days before the asset is due to expire.

The device has a toggle to turn the mechanism on/off and the date range is customisable.

Backoffice location: Content [section] > Settings [node] > Asset Expiry Mechanism [tab] > Asset Expiry Reminder [property]

TASK 704 - Membership expired text

The “Membership expired” text that appears when an expired member tries to login was hardcoded into the mechanism (and not editable). We created a new property so customers can now edit this text.

Backoffice location: Content [section] > Settings [node] > Membership [tab] > Expiry text [property]

TASK 705 - Add toggle to hide Feedback form

Added a new settings toggle that allows customers to hide the Feedback Form from the site.

Backoffice location: Content [section] > Settings [node] > Email Enquiry [tab] > Show Feedback Form on Pages [property]

TASK 702 - Uploading images on ClientName

Updated the metadata extraction mechanism for client images that have the TAG metadata in an incorrect format. We changed the code to handle these cases otherwise an error was returned even though the images continued to upload.

TASK 697 - ClientName SSL certificate (update)

Create an automated mechanism to update SSL Certificates (HTTPS) on older BTv3 sites.

TASK 722 - Last minute changes for Pipeline release

We completely overhauled and automated the deployment process within Microsoft DevOps to enable Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) deployment. All new features, tasks and bug fixes can now be pushed (deployed) to all customer sites in one step.

TASK 729 - Umbraco advisory vulnerability

Responded to: Medium-severity security vulnerability identified in Umbraco CMS
(Security Advisory, January 20, 2022)

Our Brand Toolbox sites are not affected by this issue.

Issues & Tasks

BUG 633 - ClientName "Settings" tree not working

BUG 699 - Newsletter Studio skin error

BUG 709 - Registration form injecting wrong company name

BUG 710 - "dbo" schema on ClientName BT

BUG 712 - Asset filters BROKEN - URGENT

BUG 715 - ClientName Photo library image crash

BUG 718 - ClientName BT Photo library image download error

BUG 719 - Custom sized image preview/output error

BUG 720 - Photo library view error (ClientName)

BUG 723 - Post-release BUGS - Asset request YSOD error

BUG 724 - Fix websites crashing with invalid maxAllowedContentLength

BUG 725 - Photo library download history not displaying TIF previews

BUG 727 - Post-release BUG - Asset request won’t send.