BT v4.0.28

Release notes:

Featuring the new Privacy policy / Terms of use ‘reagreement’ mechanism.

Status: Released
Release date: Tuesday 12 December 2023

New Features

User Story 1045 – BT "Privacy policy / Terms of use" agreement

The standard Brand Toolbox registration form previously included links to the Terms of use and/or Privacy policy pages. However, the ‘agree with terms’ checkbox would only allow registrants to agree to them ‘as a collective’ – it would not allow agreeing to the policies individually.

This new feature allows Administrators to include multiple agreements (policies), and require the registrant to agree to each individual policy. A record of the date of agreement is now recorded against each member, so the Administrator can see which version of the policy was agreed to.

In addition, the new mechanism allows the following:

The mechanism allows Administrators to restrict all members’ use of the site until they have reagreed to all new policy terms.

For further information, view the “Agree to terms and conditions” section of the Brand Toolbox User Guide.

Issues & Tasks

Bug 1070 – Last Login Date is not being recorded
We noticed that when members were logging in and out of Brand Toolbox with different member profiles (usually only required for Admin testing), the latest login date was not being recorded against the subsequent member logins. This was because the browser was storing the session ID and not expelling it after logout.

– [fixed]

Task 1056 – Image rollover state fix
We have removed the image ‘rollover’ state for images that do not link to other content. This prevents the hand/cursor appearing over static guidelines page images.

– [complete]