BT v4.0.11

Release notes:

This is a scheduled release featuring the creation of an automated “Members export list report”.

Status: Released
Release date: 30 August 2021

New Features

TASK 660 - Set up monthly automation piece: Members export list report

Full member lists are able to exported to XSLS/CSV file, however, this feature automates a configurable “Members export list report” to automatically send the reports to customers every month.

The reports are configurable and can be exported to an email address or direct to an FTP account (exported in XSLS or CSV formats).

User guide: Member List Export Report

TASK 674 - Members export report - Editable Properties

This feature extends the capability of the ‘Member List Monthly Export Automated Report’.

It provide the capability to edit/customise the properties that are exported in the monthly automated Member Export List Excel spreadsheet piece.

User guide: Member List Export Report

Issues & Tasks

BUG 672 - Page content search issues (AGL)
[fixed] - Needed to tweak an issue with the top-right hand side “Pages” search algorithm.

BUG 675 - Registration page broken - DEMO4, AGL, NRMA
[fixed] - Added “ContentPicker2” for better compatibility with Umbraco7/8.

BUG 677 - Home video shouldn’t be showing
[fixed] - A blank non-playing video player was appearing on the Home page, when not set. It shouldn’t show when a video isn’t wanted.

BUG 678 - MediaType: ‘Folder’ missing ‘Contents’ tab in Guidelines display visuals
[fixed] - The Media > Guidelines display visuals, Media Type: “Folder”  was missing the “Contents” tab.