BT v4.0.4

Release notes:

This scheduled release introduces the new image sharing capability and fixes some early BTv4 release issues.

Status: Released
Release date: 15 May 2020


Task 529 (Azure DevOps) - Image share capability

Ability to share images (photos) with people who are not Brand Toolbox members. Currently, users need to log in to be able to access an image. Includes email notification and download reminder email.

Photo library share image with others

The feature includes additional sub-tasks:

Issues & Tasks

Bug 523 (Azure DevOps) - Share assets reminder notification showing wrong file count

The first share email that the user receives correctly shows 4 files. However, if they don’t download, they receive the reminder email, and this is incorrectly showing 5 files.

Bug 518 (Azure DevOps) - Newsletter Studio drafts aren’t being created.

Cannot add new Newsletter Studio drafts to new customer sites. It throws an error on attempt. The old Newsletter Studio database tables need to be adjusted before migration of older sites.

Task 528 (Azure DevOps) - Update Mail Server configuration - MailServer/SMTP

Update all Brand Toolbox SMTP mail servers with latest server configurations.