BT v4.0.26

Release notes:

This release adds video asset consent forms to the Asset library.

Status: Released
Release date: Thursday 21 September 2023

New Features

Task 1040 – Consent forms to Asset library

The Photo library allows talent release (consent) forms to be added and linked to photographic images.

This feature addition creates the same capability in the Asset library, enabling administrators to link talent release (consent) forms to videos and other asset types.

For further information, view the “Video consent formsBrand Toolbox User Guide page.

Issues & Tasks

Task 1041 – Replicate expiryWarning property
The yellow “Expiry Warning” block that appears at the base of the Photo library details page is now replicated at the top of the screen. The change now enables that key messaging to appear above the fold and in a prominent position.

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Task 1042 – Document Type: List Item backoffice width
The backoffice width of the Document Type: List Item > List Item Description - Rich Text Editor now matches the frontend width, enabling a visually accurate preview of the information.

– [complete]

Bug 1044 – Invite user process broken
When a backoffice ADMIN new USER invite is sent, the new user receives the email but the link to the backoffice login screen inherited incorrect settings. The “umbracoSettings.config” file was previously hardcoded in the repo. It’s now deployable via the CI/CD and automatically adopts the correct Url link.

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