BT v4.0.17.1

Release notes:

This release adds Editor/Administrator “notes” fields to key pages.

Status: Released
Release date: 23 September 2022

New Features

User Story 855 - Add a ‘Notes’ tab on chosen Document Type

This tab already exists on other templates (e.g. ‘One column page’).

Includes sub-tasks:

Issues & Tasks

Bug 867 - Photo library uploader “Media start nodes”
The USER section allows an Administrator to create multiple User Groups and then assign a “Content start node” or “Media start node”, so a user from that user group can only browse, upload and edit media in the chosen node folder.

The issue was that a user from a user group with a “Media start node” within the “Image library” node (Media Type: Photo Library Root Folder), could not upload images. E.g. it returned a blank upload dialog box.

- [fixed]