BT v4.0.31

Release notes:

Includes new backoffice “Reset records” dashboards and editing experience improvements.

Status: Released
Release date: 31 March 2024

New Features

“Reset records” dashboard

Task 1048 – Dashboard: Asset Expiry Notification

Build a backoffice dashboard that is capable of the purging (clearing) the following user records via the Admin area rather than needing to run database scripts:

Task 1079 – Dashboard: Asset file formats

Add another row to the “Reset records > Clear media status change records” table, underneath the Assets row. It allows the clearing of asset records of specific “File format” types.


Ability to alter Member Group names

Task 1073 – Member Group name change capabilities

Member Group names are now able to be changed without running additional “post-change” scripts.

Member Group names were able to be changed and successfully changed against a MEMBER profile assigned to that group, however, it did not change against a MEDIAasset”. This has now been corrected by using an unique ID.

Task 1075 – Asset batch edit append member group permissions

The Asset library “Batch editor” allows member groups to be added to the selected assets via the following two properties:

It worked well, however, when adding new member groups, it deleted the member groups already attributed to the selected assets. To fix, we added Append and Replace radio buttons so the newly added member groups either replace the existing member groups or are added to them.

Issues & Tasks

Task 1084 – Change "maxInvalidPasswordAttempts"

The “Maximum Invalid Password Attempts” value has been changed to “10” for all customers. Note that this value can be individually changed for each customer.

Bug 1083 – Reset password not resetting failed attempts
When a frontend member logs in, the “Maximum Invalid Password Attempts” backoffice membership property counter is reset to “0”. However, after resetting a forgotten password, and subsequent re-entry, the counter was not being reset until the user logged out and logged in again.

The mechanism now successfully clears the “Failed Password Attempts” counter value on the login page, after the “~/reset-password” page workflow.

Task 1082 – Add to albums message

Added inline confirmation messages after images and assets are successfully added to albums.

Task 1071 – Add comments field to Hangfire tab

Added a “Comments” field to the top of the “Settings > Hangfire” screen, allowing Admins to add editing commentary and help text.