BT v4.0.3

Release notes:

This scheduled release introduces SAML-based user group ‘SSO’ capabilities, removal of all customer-specific references and properties from templates, and fixes some early BTv4 release issues.

Status: Released
Release date: 1 May 2020


Task 494 (Azure DevOps) - Inject ?queries into URLs for GoogleAnalytics

Inject ?=queries into URLs so Google Analytics can collate all searches across the Photo and Asset libraries. As well as capturing keywords entered into the search field, the URL should be able to track filtered selections, including:

Task 509 (Azure DevOps) - Remove client-specific wording from Templates

Remove client-specific wording and styles that appear on templates and move them to content page properties or link them dynamically to existing properties. This allows the templates to be common across all instances.

Revise on the following templates:

Task 490 (Azure DevOps) - Asset Search Page needs working links for asset versions

Introduce a new search parameter “MediaId” that is only used for specific references like notification emails and not in the search itself. This allows us to send notifications to users when an asset they’ve previously downloaded has been updated or deleted. The ‘MediaId’ then allows us to link directly to that asset.

Task 510 (Azure DevOps) - Shared with me Asset/Image table hidden when empty

Hide the “Albums shared with me” table entirely, if there are no shared albums.

Issues & Tasks

Bug 508 (Azure DevOps) - Missing ‘Contact Sheet’ template

After each update, the ‘Contact Sheet’ template is deleted.

Bug 506 (Azure DevOps) - Reporting page table style - Add <div> class

The “Filename” column on the “Reporting > Downloads report” page is missing a <div class="col-filename"> element. This will allow it to accept the existing width and word-break css. The <div> must sit inside the <td>.

Task 519 (Azure DevOps) - Rename main BT Less-Css skins

Rename main UI .LESS/.CSS skin files across all sites to customer-friendly naming convention.

Bug 522 (Azure DevOps) - Missing Templates

Ensure the following missing template files are included in each update:

Bug 435 (Azure DevOps) - Asset library preview image property validation

The Asset library crashes whenever a non-image based file is added to the “Preview image” property on the AssetVersion media type.

Of course, adding a non-image file shouldn’t occur but client accidentally added the zip file to the preview image property and crashed the Asset library. Therefore, we should add validation to prevent non-images from being saved to the preview property.

Bug 504 (Azure DevOps) - Asset “Download history” displaying wrong version number

The download history is either incorrectly only showing the first version in the list or not respecting unpublished assets.

Bug 505 (Azure DevOps) - Asset library ‘Download’ reveal is sticky

The Asset library ‘Download’ reveal is sticky (e.g. it doesn’t automatically close) on the following items:

Bug 458 (Azure DevOps) - Asset share notification

When sharing an asset, you can choose how long the asset share link will remain valid (7days/30days). If the assets haven’t been downloaded within 2 days of the share link expiring, the person will then be sent a reminder to download the asset. This reminder notification isn’t being sent!

Bug 503 (Azure DevOps) - Status change recorded?

Create a status warning message (displayed to the admin/editor) that informs the relevant members that an image or asset that they’ve previously downloaded, has been updated or removed.

Bug 511 (Azure DevOps) - Asset Change Notification email repeating individual asset changes

The Asset Change Notification email is repeating individual asset changes previously emailed. We need to find a way to alert the system that the image/asset change has already occurred, so it doesn’t send the email again.

Bug 512 (Azure DevOps) - Update Notification Hide “See Details” link

Hide the “See Details” link if user has no access (permissions) to the image/asset. This is determined by whether they are a part of a member group that is allowed to download Archived or Unpublished images/assets.

Bug 513 (Azure DevOps) - Notification triggering sequence needs to be altered

The Asset Change Notification trigger times need to be altered. E.g. The HangFire events, “HangFireEvents.ProcessMediaStatusChangeRecords” and “UtilitiesService.ArchiveAllExpiredMedia” are both set to trigger at 1am. Should “UtilitiesService.ArchiveAllExpiredMedia” trigger first, as the 1st could be half processed while the other is triggering?

Bug 515 (Azure DevOps) - Notification - “None” should have no <p> tag

The “None” item on notifications is still moving to the next line and is not aligned to the bullet point. This is because <p> tags are introduced.

Task 516 (Azure DevOps) - Update all email template content

Update all email template content against Brand Toolbox version 3, as there are some inconsistencies and incorrect [%PROPERTIES%] on the backoffice emails.

Bug 497 (Azure DevOps) - Data Types are being wiped out with each push

The following Data Types are being wiped out and replaced by client data every time we push a change:

Remove values from data types and make them backoffice editable properties.

Bug 502 (Azure DevOps) - Media Asset/Image node - Cannot add category

When attempting to add a Category to an Asset or Image (node) in the Media section, the following error is returned:

Request error: The URL returned a 404 (not found): /umbraco/backoffice/UmbracoApi/Entity/GetById

I suspect that there is an old property tied to this somewhere and we need to consider this in any future migrations.

Other Tasks

Note that we normally describe the action required for each of the Features, Tasks and Bugs in our releases. However, as Brand Toolbox v4 is still in early release (and hence in debug mode), the additional tasks below are simply itemised.