BT v4.0.20.1

Release notes:

This release adds additional filtering tools in the Members list, including sorting by “Rejected Registrations” and member group filtering, as well as adding a Home page login redirect.

Status: Released
Release date: 20 February 2023

New Features

Member list feature enhancements

Task 938 – Add “Internal Member Indexer” – Rebuild button
Added an Internal Member Indexer “Refresh Members” button to the Members section. This button rebuilds the Examine index: InternalMemberIndexer. This ensures that the member lists capture the latest changes before filtering selections.

Task 941 – Add "Rejected" selector to member list filter
Added a “Rejected” dropdown/selector to the Member List filter tool. It filters members based on the “Registration Rejected” property (e.g. this property is triggered whenever a registration application is rejected by the Administrator).

To learn more about Member List filtering, view the Exporting & Filtering Members section of our User Guide:


Includes sub-tasks:


Home page redirects

Task 944 – Add 'Routing' tab to Home page
Added a new “Routing” tab (and all its properties) to the Home page “Portal” document type template. This now allows customers to redirect from the Home page to other page after login.

The property is located at:

Content [section] > Home > [node] > Routing [tab] > Redirect [property]


Image requests approval mechanism

Task 939 – Add option to view watermarked image on Image Request
On the email template, “Image Requests > Image Request Form”, we added the option to insert the watermarked version of the photo library image.

There are now two options when formatting the email template:

The property is located at:

Content [section] > Settings > Email Templates > [nodes] > Image Requests > Image Request Form

Email request form properties

Includes sub-tasks:

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