BT v4.0.16

Release notes:

This is an unscheduled patch release to correct the new Download history features added on Release v4.0.15 and includes several customer-requested improvements.

Status: Released
Release date: 22 August 2022

New Features

User Story 779 - Asset/Photo libraries sorting by node structure

Includes sub-tasks:

Task 809 - Align Sort Options so they are common across both libraries

Align the ‘Sorting’ options across the Asset & Photo libraries so that they are common across both libraries. New sorting options are: Newest, Oldest, Alphabetical.

Task 810 - Add BackOffice property to Selectively display or hide Default Option

Add a new backoffice property, ‘Library Sort Default’, that allows Administrators to choose the default ‘Sort by:’ option on both the Photo and Asset libraries. The new properties can be found at the following locations:

Content [section] > Home > Photo library or Asset library [node] > Navigation [tab] > Library Sort Default [property]

Task 820 - Include RTE above Home page ‘Quick link’ tiles

Include a new Rich Text Editor property above the ‘Quick link’ tiles on the Home page that allows a heading and body text to be placed above the home page tiles.

Home page Quick links title and text block

New property location:

Content [section] > Home [node] > Library/guidelines links [tab] > Quick Links Description [property]

Task 827 - Backoffice ‘Welcome’ dashboard changes

A list of the most recent Brand Toolbox product releases is now displayed on the ‘Welcome’ screen dashboard of the Brand Toolbox Administrator backoffice.

They are visible when selecting the top “Contents” heading in the Contents section:

Latest Releases displayed on Welcome screen dashboard 

Task 812 - Registration form - edit allowed characters in ‘Job title’ & ‘Department’ fields

Allow commas ( , ) and periods ( . ) to be entered within both the ‘Job title’ and ‘Department’ fields on the member registration form.

User Story 790 / Task 817 - Include Date Range With Fetching Download Details

The Downloads Report expanded item details now show the download quantities for the selected date range.

Fixed the ‘Times Downloaded’ quantities so that the overall number matches the detailed amounts when the list is opened. The problem was that the ‘Times Downloaded’ amount referenced the selected date range but the expanded details were showing all download quantities without date range.

User Story 806 / Task 825 - Create ability for user to change email template

Site Administrators can now choose the ‘Downloaded Media Notification’ email template that the Downloads Report notification device utilises when sending notifications. This allows the Administrator to store multiple template messages and choose from the required message when needed.

The ‘Downloads Report Media Notification Email Template’ property in the following location can be used to link to the ‘Downloaded Media Notification’ email template:

Settings [node] > Reporting [tab] > Downloads Report Media Notification Email Template [property]

Includes sub-task: User Story 835 - Email Template Description
Add a backoffice description for the new ‘Downloads Report Media Notification Email Template’ property.

Issues & Tasks

Bug 814 - Videos not playing back in on-page download macros
Asset videos playback in the Asset library but do not playback in both the on-page ‘Asset Downloads’ and ‘Asset Folder Downloads’ macros. - [fixed]

Bug 824 - Never downloaded date is incorrectly showing a download date
- [fixed]

Bug 771 - Photo library search issue
Improved the search algorithm so that search queries performed within "quotation marks" include partial results.

Bug 822 - v4.0.15 release bug: Anonymous showing email address
The ‘Anonymous’ row was incorrectly showing an email address. - [fixed]

User Story 821 - Merge All Anonymous Downloaders into single row
- [fixed]