BT v4.0.27 & 27.1

Release notes:

Featuring the new ‘Print all guideline pages to PDF’ mechanism.

Status: Released
Release date: Thursday 26 October 2023

New Features

Task 1037 – Print all pages to PDF

This new feature allows PDF copies of ‘Guidelines’ section content to be created and downloaded to your computer.

The feature is useful for archiving snapshots of the site, at any given time, and printable to use as a proofing tool.

In the frontend right-hand page tools panel, there is a new print PDF link named, ‘Save this section to PDF’.

Print site to PDF link

If given permission to view it, it enables Administrators and Editors to generate a PDF of the entire guidelines section, or specific sections and pages.

For further information, view the “Print entire site to PDFBrand Toolbox User Guide page.

Issues & Tasks

Bug 1050 – Print all pages to PDF issues
This item is a bug patch release for the new ‘Print all pages to PDF’ mechanism from Task 1037 (above), including:

– [complete]

Bug 1051 – What’s New page missing
On Task 1037 (above), we rebuilt all page templates to work with the new ‘Print all pages to PDF’ mechanism. The new template format for this page was missing from the changes.

– [complete]

Task 1049 – FileFormat to Category link description
Changed the description on the list item property (Document Type: List Item), as ‘Asset file formats’ can only be linked to ‘Asset categories’ (they cannot be linked to ‘Asset subcategories’).

– [complete]