BT v4.0.24.1

Release notes:

This is an unscheduled patch release to correct minor issues appearing after the v4.0.24 release.

Status: Released
Release date: Wednesday 21 June 2022

Issues & Tasks

Bug 1006 – File format intro text from top nav
The new “File format intro text” successfully triggers when selecting the “File Format” button. However, the text wasn’t being added (triggered) when selecting the file format from the top navigation menu.

Additionally, we created another trigger so that when navigating to the Asset library URL with the following query string, “.../asset-library/?format=Pictograms”, the specific intro text is now also being included.

Bug 1012 – Asset & Image “edit” button not working
There was an issue with both the Asset library “asset edits” and the Image library “image edits” mechanism. When attempting to edit an asset via the “Edit” button (after making a selection of assets in an assets folder), some of the edit values were being ignored.

The following properties did not work:

    •  Member Group permissions
    •  Member Group Permissions View Only
    •  Brand
    •  File format
    •  Orientation
    •  Colour
    •  Comment
    •  Categories
    •  Usage Expiry

These properties worked:

    •  Keyword
    •  Publish
    •  Unpublish
    •  Archive
    •  Unrchive

Note that editing each asset individually (by opening and saving manually) was working.

Bug 1005 – Sliding expiry OFF error
We recently fixed the sliding expiry mechanism so that the highest value on any of your assigned member groups took precedence. However, an issue appeared up after this change.

If the “Sliding Expiry” setting on any of your member groups was OFF, the frontend crashed.

Bug 1011 – Reset password error
The reset password page was not sending the email as it was not linking to the mail server. The webconfig entries had incorrectly adopted the DEV server entries and the mail server credentials were commented out for all sites.

Bug 1008 – AJAX changes for Asset library don’t appear to be installed
We recently added AJAX to the Asset library to improve frontend rendering speeds. Some of the components did not install correctly in the previous release.