BT v4.0.24

Release notes:

This release includes the capability to batch-publish, unpublish, archive and unarchive through deeply embedded asset and image folders.

Status: Released
Release date: Monday 12 June 2023

New Features

Task 975 – Being able to publish down through asset/image folders

The Asset & Photo libraries currently allow Administrators and Editors to publish, unpublish, archive and unarchive in batch, however, it allows batching for the selected folder only. It isn’t able to batch update through deeply embedded folders.

We have now added the capability to batch-publish/archive through deeply embedded asset and image folders, no matter how deep the folder structure.

The new capability allows the following four (4) batch actions to be performed:

Note that, by default, this new feature is disabled and must by enabled for each User Group. We have included this precaution to prevent all user groups having access to the setting, as we don’t want uninformed users accidentally unpublishing all assets (or images). Additionally, depending on how many items are contained within the selected folder, this action can take some time (so it’s important to first check folder contents to ensure thousands of media items aren't being saved at once).

For further information, view the “Publishing/Unpublishing and Archiving/Unarchiving in bulk” sections on the following Brand Toolbox User Guide pages:

Task 980 – File format intro text

There is an existing rich text editor (RTE) field that allows customers to add intro and guidance text within the Asset library. This backoffice property is located at:

Content [section] > Home > Asset library [nodes] > Content [tab] > Intro text [property]”.

Unfortunately, these statements can become very lengthy if the customer needs to add information about multiple File formats (Asset groups).

Therefore, we have added another RTE field specific to individual file format items. This allows only the text relevant to the specific file format to be added to the end of the intro text block.

The new RTE field is named, “List Item Description”, and resides within the individual Asset Groups (file format) list item at:

Content [section] > Settings > Lists [nodes] > Asset Groups [list item] > [actual file format, e.g. Icons]”.

For further information, view the “Asset and Photo lists (properties)” page on the Brand Toolbox User Guide.

Task 966 – Member create dates

A new member’s “Create date” (e.g. the time/date that the member first registered to Brand Toolbox) was being recorded in the database, however, it wasn’t being stored in the backoffice for the Administrator to view.

We added the new “Created Date” property to be visible in the backoffice under the “Properties” tab of each member profile.

Includes sub tasks:

For further information, view the “Exporting members” page on the Brand Toolbox User Guide.

Task 988 – Capture Asset library “File format” selection in GA4

We have extended the search parameters that are captured by Google Analytics in an Asset library or Photo library search. The following parameters are now captured and filterable within analytics:

For example: If a user selects a file format, e.g. “Pictograms” in the Asset library, then types a keyword in the search field, Goggle Analytics now captures the file format chosen, as well as the keyword searched. Customers can then access Google Analytics and review keyword searches specific to “Pictograms” only.

The new parameters also allow “Categories” and “Brands” to be captured and filtered in the same way.

File format search on logo assets only

For further information, view the “View customised search dashboards” page on the Brand Toolbox User Guide.

Task 971 – Asset library AJAX loading

We’ve added AJAX scripting to asynchronously load data to the Asset library. AJAX improves frontend rendering speeds by only loading the first “Asset” in an “Assets Folder”. The remaining assets now only load when requested (on a hover or open event).

Includes sub tasks:

Issues & Tasks

Task 993 – Keyword paste count
Added the following description to let Admins/Editors know that there is a character limit on pasting metadata into the “Keyword” field of assets/images:

“When pasting copied keywords into this field, a 200 character limit applies to each paste event. However, multiple pastes are allowed up to a total 1000 character limit.”

– [complete]

Task 978 – Add pictograms preview filetype
Added the “Pictograms” preview filetype to all customers.
– [complete]

Task 973 – Version control auto input of settings
When uploading a new “AssetVersion” to an existing “Asset”, the uploader remembers and automatically re-enters the existing settings such as Member Group permissions, Brand, File format etc. However, it was not pulling in the existing Orientation and Colour settings.

The existing Orientation and Colour settings are now being pulled from the “AssetVersion” node.
– [complete]

Task 976 – Media Type: Assets Folder (list page size)
Increased the “Editor settings > Page Size” from 10 to 20 items. It now lists up to 20 items, by default. This has been changed on both the Asset library and Photo library folders.
– [complete]

Bug 1001 – Cannot batch update images - Exception Thrown
Batch updating multiple images in the “Image library” using the batch update dialog was throwing an exception (and the process did not work).
– [fixed]

Bug 990 – Asset “Share All” broken from download button
The asset “Share all” button was not collecting (sharing) all the assets selected within the “Download button” list. This was applicable to the assets when revealing all the assets within an assets folder.
– [fixed]

Bug 999 – Sliding expiry error
The membership sliding expiry mechanism was broken. It was not pushing the expiry date forward every time a member logged in/out. The following 3 properties at the following location trigger the mechanism:

Content [section] > Settings > Member Groups [node] > [memberGroupName] > Settings [tab]:

– [fixed]

Bug 965 – Member Exporter does not export records
The “Export Members” tool in the Members section was not exporting records.
– [fixed]