BT v4.0.9

Release notes:

This is a light release to add configurable properties to the Home page devices and email templates.

Status: Released
Release date: 25 June 2022

New Features

TASK 656 - Add new global ‘Brand Team/Email’ properties

Added the following global placeholders so that they can be placed into any of the automated email messages or subject lines:

Backoffice location: Content > Settings [node] > Email Enquiry [tab] > Brand Enquiry Email & Brand Team [properties]

TASK 648 - Home page devices - Editable fields

Updated the following hardcoded <h3> headings to be editable via the CMS:

TASK 612 - Update TLS v1.0 to TLS v1.2+

Update TLS security from TLS v1.0 to TLS v1.2+ across all servers.

TASK 621 - Brand Toolbox Migration to Azure

Migrate and set up the Brand Toolbox development site on Azure infrastructure for testing database and compute speeds.

Issues & Tasks

BUG 655 - Reporting showing ‘Original filename’ not ‘Image number’
[fixed] - In the Reporting tables (for Images), the Original filename was being displayed rather than the Image number.