BT v4.0.14

Release notes:

This is a scheduled release featuring the new Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) workflow and deployment process.

Status: Released
Release date: 8 June 2022

New Features

Task 687 - Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

We completely overhauled and automated the deployment process within Microsoft DevOps. All new features, tasks and bug fixes can now be pushed to all customer sites in one step.

Task 711 - Add Member Permissions "View Only" to Batch Upload & Edit

We recently added the new “Member Group Permissions View Only” feature and request asset download mechanism to the Asset library. This new task adds the new property to both the Asset library “Batch Upload” and “Batch Edit” devices/panels.

User Guide page: Asset library > Batch uploading files

Backoffice location: Media [section] > Asset library [node] > Asset [node] > Properties [tab] > Member Group Permissions View Only [property]

Task 714 - Consent form property added to batch uploader/editor

Consent forms are only able to be linked to an asset when editing an asset individually.

Please add this property on the Asset “batch uploader” and “batch editor” dialog boxes.

User Guide page: Asset library > Batch modifying assets

Backoffice location: Media [section] > Image library [node] > Photo Library Image [node] > Meta Data [tab] > Consent forms [property]

Task 745 - New Photo/Asset library intro field

A new introduction content rich-text editor field has been added under the H1 heading so that the customer can add intro text to both the Asset and Photo libraries, if needed.

Backoffice location:

Task 755 - Create new “Theme Fonts Links” property

Created a new property, “Theme Font URLs”, that allows the customer to add multiple links to GoogleAPI fonts (or any other font accessible online). The new font device pre-loads/embeds the Google font before the CSS styles are rendered.

User Guide page: Branding > Theme Font URLs

Backoffice location: Content [section] > Settings > Branding [node] > Branding [tab] > Theme Font URLs [property]

Task 758 - Member group sub-brand selection on registration form

We overhauled how company domains and sub-domains/sub-brands are applied to each member group for the purposes of employee registrations.

Previously, sub-brands were able to be created, however, choosing “Employees” as a registration type form in the “Member Group Type” property applied the sub-brand email to all employee groups.

The mechanism has now been refined so sub-brand email addresses can be attributed to different member groups.

User Guide page: Branding (company sub-brands/domains and site branding/styling)

Task 759 - Previous/Next navigation buttons

Guideline pages can now have “Previous” and “Next” buttons included at the base of each page, as shown below:

Previous Next navigation buttons

The buttons allow users to navigate page and section content in a linear manner. Note that the buttons are currently off by default.

User Guide page: Include in Previous/Next Navigation

Issues & Tasks

Task 654 - Hide “Related images” panel in photo detail screen

Task 737 - Change SMTP server on

Task 756 - Add more content page sections

Bug 706 - On-page Asset Download macros (+3col macro) is showing archived assets

Bug 707 - Open in new Window property doesn’t work

Bug 726 - Hangfire event date/time trigger changes

Bug 728 - Loophole in “Asset view only” mechanism causes bug

Bug 731 - HttpAntiForgeryException: The provided anti-forgery token was meant for a different claims-based user than the current user. [HTTP 500 returned while handling POST Request]

Bug 732 - Main menu “Photo library” L2 sub menu disappeared

Bug 734 - Improve search query validation

Bug 736 - ClientName photo upload error

Bug 747 - ClientName image upload/resave error

Bug 748 - SVG and PNG files won’t upload to Photo library

Bug 749 - Adding content page error

Bug 751 - Broken edit media picker on content pages

Bug 752 - Link to Asset Categories broken on ClientName

Bug 760 - Media change notification email issues

Bug 761 - XML error - Custom Image Download as .JPEG

Bug 762 - Error on Newsletter Studio drafts

Bug 767 - Deployment bugs